Monday, 18 January 2016

Information about after-school art classes

I teach after-school art classes for children at my place in Mahina Bay. If you are interested in your children attending, have any questions or would like to receive my emails about these classes send me an email ( If you are looking for information on my Gift Hutt Marbling Workshops, go here.

My classes run weekly, by the school term. Group classes (2-5 children) are $20 per child per week, normally an hour and a half long. I also run individual hour long classes for $30. Most of my classes are for children aged 7 and up, but I do occasionally run ones for younger children too.

My main focus with these art classes is to give children an opportunity to have fun and experiment with art. 
I pick at least four different mediums each term (generally acrylic paint, oil or soft pastel and pencil/charcoal, with some form of print making, marbling or sculpture every few terms), and cover some basics of technique, colour theory and composition, usually using a couple of artists as examples and inspiration.
Because my class sizes are very small, all lessons are tailored to individual abilities and interests. I also have an overarching term theme to capture imagination – mainly for those moments when you can’t think what to draw!

For 2017, the term two theme is sketching animals. Lots of fun pencil, charcoal and pastel work! My Tuesday class has also dived off into model making, and is working with salt ceramic and card building amazing 3d sculptures.

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